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Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


How Much Will A Custom Portrait Cost? All commissioned art prices are tailored to the size, medium and reference photo provided.

Pricing Ranges
These prices are ranges for portrait/headshot style only and do not include a detailed background. These are my most popular sizes and products, however more sizes and styles are offered than listed. Please contact me for more information. Please also see my Discounts FAQ

1 Subject 9x12 Black And White Charcoal Portrait on Grey Toned Paper --- $150.00-$250.00
1 Subject 11x15 Black And White Charcoal Portrait On Grey Toned Paper --- $200.00-$350.00
1 Subject 11x15 Full Color Mixed Media Portrait --- $275.00-$500.00
1 Subject 11x15 3 Color Mixed Media Portrait --- $250.00-$450.00

How Will I Get My Portrait?
Standard shipping is included in the price of your art piece! A tracking number is also included. Signature shipping may be purchased at an additional cost. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that once your artwork leaves my hands that it will arrive safely. I use water resistant packing materials and my artwork is locked down like Fort Knox. We can talk about re-doing a piece if ruined during shipping at an additional cost.

Can I Split The Total Cost Of My Portrait?
Payments may be split with an extra fee. All money is due before shipping of your portrait.

How Long Does This Process Usually Take?
Please allow 2-10 weeks time for your custom portrait to be completed.

Can You Work From A Photograph?
Yes! I Utilize one main reference photo for each custom portrait. However, I frequently ask for more than one reference to get a "feeling" for the subjects personality and quirks. Not sure if a photo will work as a reference? Email me! ( and let me be the judge! I can also help pick out the perfect reference photo from multiple photographs sent.

Can You Draw A Portrait From A Reference Photo That Was Taken By A Professional Photograper?
Yes! But ONLY with written consent from the photographer who took the photograph. It is the customers responsibility to attain that consent form.

How Do I Get Started?
Email Me or Message me, I promise I don't bite! Choose the perfect photo for your custom portrait, decide on the medium that you want and we will go from there!

Do You Take Credit Cards?
Yes! I use apple square pay so my customers can control their credit card information. I can take cards manually, slide or send an invoice via Email.

Do You Offer Discounts?
This is everyone's favorite question, Yes! But only on custom portraits, unfortunately I cannot extend my discounts to prints and merchandise at this time- Sorry! The only Discount that may be "combined" is Repeat Customer.
-Multiple Portraits Ordered Discount ~ % Varies given the nature of the order. Must be ordered at the same time!
-Repeat Customer Discount 5%
-All paid First Responders receive 10% off their order. Thank You For Your Service. (Fire, EMS, Police & Dispatcher) Must provide proof of employment position. Whether city email, ID (may be doctored for sensitive information) or website lookup.
-All Police K9 Handlers receive 15% off their order. Thank you for your service. Must provide proof of employment position. Whether city email, ID (may be doctored for sensitive information) or website lookup.
-All Military & Veterans will receive 10% off their order. Thank you for your service. Must provide proof of enlistment or DD214.
- All Wounded Warriors with combat related injuries receive %15 off their order.Must provide proper paperwork to receive this discount

Artwork by Samantha Strong

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About The Artist

Samantha Strong My name is Samantha Strong, I have been a citizen of Onslow County and a resident of Jacksonville for the majority of my life since my birth at Naval Medical Hospital on Camp Lejeune July 19, 1991. I was born to father (at the time) Sgt. Mark B. Windham of Billerica Massachusetts and Melissa A. Windham (Curtis) of Castleberry Florida. I began my artistic career in 2004 at the age of 13 as apprentice to Karen Cowan Edwards. From which time I have also studied at North Carolina School of the Arts (NCSA), Coastal Carolina Community College (CCCC) and East Carolina University (ECU). I received my Associates of Arts from CCCC and studied till my acceptance into the Textile concentration at ECU. It was then that I left in order to pursue a lifelong dream of Dog Training. I am truly thankful for all the people who I met, learned from and taught in my career as a K9 Trainer. I firmly believe if I had not devoted so much time in my life to the pursuit of that goal… I would not be the same artist or person that I am today. I was a barn hand in exchange for riding lessons starting in 2004 with Tracy Barrett Geiger-Kreiser at Hamilton Stables, RIP dear friend, I think of you often. I studied equine behavior and mechanics of dressage with Jeramie West of Jeramie West Performance Horses. I’m so lucky to call Mama Jeramie not only mentor but ‘other mother’ and friend. Today I am a resident of Richlands NC, I have very strong family ties and values, my family is my everything. I am the proud owner of a local small business, Strong Art Works LLC. I am a hobby makeup artist and Urban Decay junkie. I am forever an artist I love working in charcoal, watercolor and acrylic. I am sometimes a singer and writer. I am a HysterSister and HashiSister. I am the creator of Spontaneous Samantha-Isms. I am a lover of life, animals and adventure. I am blunt, I am loud, I am myself unapologetically. I am a proud hobby dog trainer and full time handler to Ipse Veritas Vom Weiland, (aka Veritas, Tas, Child, Pretty Perfect Puppy Princes, …. That’s My Dog., Work Whore, ‘mere bitch.) Our Titles together include: WorldCynosport Rally: Rally Obedience Level 1 Award of Excellence, WCRL RL1, WCRL RL2, CWags-zr1, cw-g1, Do More With Your Dog Novice, AKC Trick Dog Advanced, AKCTD Intermediate, AKCTD novice, Canine Good Citizen, CGCU , CGCC, & Detection Service Dog Certified, SAR K9 tracking trained. Prior mommy to Maximas Jackson Strong, retired Single Purpose K9 and my right hand man. (Dec 2008-jan 2019) and Merlin (AKA Finale) Grey Andalusian Gelding and my lifeline and heart horse who is now loved by all the amazing people at 5 Horses. ( I am the proud wife of Captain Nicholas Strong of Jacksonville NC Fire Dept. Let me tell you about this man… this man is an undercover genius, strong yet sensitive. He has the best sense of humor and always knows how to make me laugh. He is a peoples person and genuinely cares for each and every person he interacts with… and he loves animals even more. He is OCD and particular but there is always a reason why and I love that about him. He is the light of my life, my sanity and one hell of a badass husband. I am the daughter of a Cancer Survivor and current Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Warrior, the strongest and most passionate woman I have ever known. I am the daughter of Retired (really just unpaid) Mustang Major of the United States Marine Corps, the most honest and honorable example of “Well Cultured Yankee” there is. I am Sister to the most Awesome UNCW Alumni Smartypants, the most elegant Angry Ginger I know and the coolest not so ‘Kid’ Around, who dances like a beast and has the best vocal range of anyone I know. We’re a big American family, with STRONG Irish roots both above and below the Mason Dixon Line. We like to say, “Just Southern enough to ‘Bless Your Heart,’ and just Northern enough to scare most Southerners.” This doesn’t include our massive extended family that spans the East Coast, from Texas to Florida to Maine. Not to mention our adopted Family, those who are just as close as blood that are stuck with us for life. “My Success Will Be My Revenge. My Happiness Is My Success.” -Samanthaism “There’s a difference between humble competence and quiet confidence, don’t be humble be quiet.” -Samanthaism #EvolveYourWeakness #TestYourStrength #StrongArtWorks